Standard Inspection

  • Average 2.5-4 hour inspection (depending on size of the home)
  • Full color inspection report emailed within 48 hours of inspection completion.
  • Average of 150+ images of your home.
  • I will inspect the following, when visible and accessible: Roof, Exterior Cladding & Structure, Attic, Insulation & Ventilation, Electrical System, Plumbing System, Heating & Cooling Systems, Interior Structure, Built-In Appliances, Fireplaces & Wood Stoves, Basement/Crawlspace and Attached Garage.
  • $10,000 Honor Guarantee backed by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors


Pre-Drywall Inspection

Are you building a new home? New homes are constructed by the developer or by a sub contractor for the developer.  No one wants to destroy a new home by removing new carpets and drywall let alone displacing your family through the construction. We would be honored  to give you the peace of mind that everything was done properly. The Pre-Drywall inspection by Big Pines Home & Property Services L.L.C., occurs after all the rough framing, roofing, doors and windows are installed and the rough electrical, HVAC and plumbing work has been completed. We will be your advocate before the walls are "sealed up" and structural, electrical and plumbing defects are hidden.

 Move-In Certified® Pre-Listing Inspection

Move-In Certified®

Are you getting ready to sell your home? Any real estate agent who truly has their clients best interests at heart will encourage you to have a  Move-In Certified®  inspection completed prior to putting the home on the market. Conducting a Move-In Certified® inspection gives you peace of mind going to the signing table. We will identify items in need of repair and/or replacement before the next guy. Save yourself the money upfront by fixing items, instead of having to lower your selling price to compensate for repairs after the sale. We offer a "Returning Customer" discount to sellers who use our pre-listing services in combination with the purchase of their next home. 


 "Returning Customer" discount must be used within 90 days of closing on the sale of your current home, your new home must be within the state of North Carolina and be within 75 miles of your current home. 

Air Quality Testing

Do you believe you have a mold or moisture issue inside your home? Sometimes humidity or dampness in the air (water vapor) can supply enough moisture for mold growth. Indoor relative humidity should be kept below 60% and ideally between 30%-50%. Higher humidity encourages pests such as cockroaches and dust mites to take up residency in your home. Big Pines is IAC2 certified and can perform a limited or complete moisture inspection of your home. Inspections normally take between 1-2 hours to complete and include air and/or surface sampling. All reports are released within two business days of lab testing results.


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